Die guten 50er

Staircase restoration
Feb 2016 – Nov 2017

Probably a staircase restoration is one of the most unsexy jobs, an interior designer can have. But coincidently one of the most sensible ! This is because every resident of the house does have an obvious overvalue every day. The buildings of the three staircases are real postwar-masonry with the typical standards of the fifties. Thereto, moist paving tiles and also reinforced Solnhofer nature rock and Jura coatings belong, which are too good for a disposal. After a 60-year-usage, the floors were darned and ground – a true statement to sustainability. On the first floor and the basement, the coating was supplemented by tile imitations because of moisture damages. The color concept plays with a light-dark contrast because of the light incidence which comes by the windows. Olive-green color ribbons proceed along the soffit stairs. Modern LED-wall lightings support the play of colors. The door jambs of the apartment doors have been overbuilt with frames from oak and the existing doors were lacquered color-fitting. Synthetic windows and doors have been replaced by windows and doors from oak and aluminium. Crucial ventilating vents inspired the doorknobs and frets on the story ceilings. The good old fifties received an entirely understated face-lift, that invigorates the character of the staircases freshly. The building measure is quiet but valuable. Here’s to a successful habitation over the next decades!

Fotocredits: Andreas Hoernisch