We prefer to take care of existing buildings, regardless of their type. Awakening their potential is our mission, our approach to sustainability. For new builds, we organize the right spatial relationships and access routes and provide support right from the floor plan stage. We believe in the good history of a place and love to bring it to life with our verve and esprit.

When building in existing structures, we act and work identically to our colleagues in structural engineering. We coordinate the structural engineer as well as the fire protection planner. After the design, we detail the execution plans, obtain quotations and supervise the construction site until it is finished. Only then do we and the tradesmen stop coming. We can also do less if partial services are required.

Our customer has a building and an idea. We are good listeners, amplifiers and companions for the realization of individual, high-quality interior design. The use and design is always based on our client’s objectives. Translating his vision into the right spaces and refining them is our profession. Our clients benefit from the transfer of know-how from the various sectors we serve. Just as the areas of life overlap, we think of a “crossover” of the different uses. What could be better than surprising added value?

We share a passion for exceptionally beautiful spaces and a high standard of design, materials and detail. Accordingly, meierei is made up of highly qualified and experienced interior architects and designers. We have been based in Munich since 2003, founded by Dorothee Maier and Andreas Utzmeier after working for Schmidhuber / Munich and Matteo Thun / Milan. And we’re nice too!

Photo credits: Andreas Hoernisch